Tabitha Noonan

Tabitha Noonan is a creative, adaptable and committed freelance communicator with over nine years experience in the Communications industry.

Tabitha has a passion for all things ethical, sustainable and creative, and tends to pursue work with clients who share these values. This has led her to collaborate with aid and development agencies, creative studios, artists and a sustainability enterprise/farm in Tassie. Amongst her quirkier pursuits, she also found herself ghost writing for a spearfishing magazine talking about climate change and sustainable lobster fisheries.

A wordsmith chameleon with a knack for adapting her writing style to clearly communicate with a diverse range of audiences, you can trust that Tabitha will get you, get your brand and get your message right.

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Just some of the things I can do.

  • Copywriting for web and print
  • Editing
  • Email campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Feature articles
  • Scripts
  • Speech writing
  • Reports
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Awkward emails to your boss
  • Brand consultation
  • Creative project management
  • Blogging
  • Communications and marketing strategy
  • Public Relations


Just some of the things I have done.