An environmental art campaign

In 2012 I worked with Dulwich High School of Visual Arts and Design’s social justice group to create an installation using bottles collected from the Cooks River that were made into giant flowers.

The bottle flowers were used to raise awareness and shift attitudes in the school and local community about pollution in the Cooks River caused by the littering of recyclable containers, and to call for the need for a better approach to waste reduction, such as a ‘Cash for Containers’ type scheme.

I utilised my media relations skills to generate media coverage from the Inner West Courier (Australia’s most widely read local paper) and the bottle flowers were featured on the front page of the paper.

This article attracted the attention of the organisers of the Newtown Festival who requested the bottle flowers be installed at the festival where they were viewed by 70 000 people to inspire the Sydney community to reconsider their bottled water habits.