5th Birthday advocacy campaign

I coordinated the marketing for the ‘Survive Past Five’ 5th birthday Party campaign for Micah Challenge, which encouraged campaign supporters to run ‘5th birthday party’ events in their local communities all around Australia to raise awareness for the issue of infant mortality.

This campaign equipped and empowered campaign ambassadors with resources to run 5th birthday party events in their local communities, to raise awareness about the number of children who don’t survive to see their fifth birthday.

Marketing for the campaign took a multi-channel approach across print, web, EDM, traditional media and social media. Campaign advocates in key electorates were targeted via E-direct mail marketing and encouraged to run a 5th birthday party at their school, playgroup, church or workplace with party games, decorations and speeches about child health, as well as an opportunity to sign ‘5th birthday cards’ as a creative petition to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

I wrote and managed the production of print materials for the campaign, including the ‘5th birthday card’, a guide to running a 5th Birthday party, a guide to contacting your local paper and a ‘donut’ media release that campaign advocates could add their own names and quotes to. These materials were also available as online versions on a campaign action page, along with a 5th birthday e-card, a party registration form and an interactive 5th Birthday Party map that placed cupcakes on a map of Australia highlighting the parties taking place in electorates around the country.

The campaign was supported by social media promotion and party photos were posted to the Micah Challenge Facebook page to build excitement amongst campaign supporters. The campaign was extremely successful in inspiring support from campaign supporters and educating them about infant mortality. It was also extremely successful as a Government lobbying campaign, as subsequent federal budgets prioritised child health.

Key campaign outcomes:

  • Campaign advocates were empowered as committed ambassadors for the campaign.
  • Over 140 5th birthday parties run in every state and territory in Australia.
  • Over 20 thousand 5th birthday cards signed and presented to the Foreign Affairs Minister.
  • Several campaign ambassadors used the donut media release to generate articles in their local papers.
  • A number of speeches were made in parliament in support of the campaign.
  • Significant increases in funding towards child and maternal health within the Australian aid budget.
  • Micah Challenge widely promoted to new audiences.